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The Legal Industry Strikes Back

Do you love the Star Wars trilogies? I do. And, yes, even the prequels. Go ahead — hate on me.

But that’s not the purpose for this post. Oh, no, no, no. The copywriting is definitely progressing, as it should, in my office, as The Rainmaker Institute has just contracted with me to do some major work for major law firms all over the United States (in a galaxy far, far away).

The force is strong with this one.

Moving on Up Professionally

Part of professionalism as a freelancer is having the ability to be flexible with payment from clients. Guess what: PayPal Here has got the goods on that!

For the first time, as a dedicated independent professional copywriter, I am now able to accept all credit card transactions. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, even American Express. I can even do the ‘swipe’ if the client’s face to face with me. Talk about convenience!

I think that’s a huge part of professionalism, by the way. When a client can get on the phone with me and purchase a project for me to develop by just giving me a few credit card numbers — that’s convenience and flexibility 101.

It’s key to landing the best clients, really.

The Quintessential Cuisine Copywriter

It’s no secret: I love food. I love all kinds of food. Get me happy enough, and I might try to be adventurous enough to eat some of the more, how do you say, ‘risky’ delicacies of the world that most people might retch over! Yes, I’m that adventurous.

For sure, if there’s one thing a copywriter needs to really experience is the ability to write about food!

I Digress, Though

The real reason for me writing this post, though, isn’t to necessarily make any monumental point leading toward enlightenment in the field of copywriting, sales writing, content writing, etc. etc..

I’m simply writing this, because it just so happens I was taking a break from my work at the office here in this business complex to peruse the halls, and I came across a hidden gem: GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

What’s awesome about this is the restaurant is based right in the same building. And it’s a tiny, quaint, atmospheric, yet family-driven and dynamic establishment serving quite honestly the best type of Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. Savory. Sweet. Easy. Simplistic, yet complex in design and beauty. In a nutshell (or chick pea, as that’s a common ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine), major, major, major thumbs up. I highly recommend GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

And just another reminder about how cool it is to have my own office here with a boatload of unique businesses in the building. Oh, look — there’s a salon here, too….

Continuing a Legacy: the People to People Foundation

I have an important request for all of my colleagues, friends, family, brothers and sisters in Christ, agents, publishers, editors, circus performers, poets, artists, dancers, singers, bouncers, lion tamers, trapeze artists, lawyers, scientists and chefs out there.

A legacy is about to begin, a legacy I began 17 years ago — called the People to People Foundation. The prestigious organization founded by our very own Dwight D. Eisenhower to develop peace and relations with other countries all over the world.

I was a student ambassador. And now my lovely daughter is fundraising to become one as well. She is going to be 10 years old in less than a month.

Like me, back when I was 17 years old, she will be going to Australia for two weeks next year to continue that legacy. But we need your help.

We need you to donate, to fund for her trip. Currently, we’re working on getting the deposit squared away — $400. But we’ll need so much more than that, but we’ll start with the initial deposit.


This is the link. Click on it. We’ll love you forever if you do. I’ll be your literary muse archangel of good luck if you do.

Make this dream a reality for my little one. Thank you!

Pierre Roustan

Craigslist Is Cool – My Internet Copywriting Services Available!

I’m not ashamed to say it — yes, Craigslist is cool. It’s an excellent way to advertise and to market your internet copywriting business, and Lord knows I’m going to do it, too.

Wait a second…. I’ve already done it!

Here are my four posts (because that’s the max Craigslist can offer).





The “Explosion”

Let me explain what that is. It’s not what you think. No, it’s not the TV dinner blasting inside your microwave, leaving a mess for you to clean. Nor is it a comet hitting the Empire State Building or Sears Tower. This is a different kind of explosion.

It’s the life of an internet copywriter/content writer/author. When things start to ‘explode,’ you know you’re getting the hits, making the mark, getting the rocket and going global and out into space (and cyberspace). The business is booming!

Get in on the action. Join me. You can bet I have the best out there, as I’m telling you the “explosion” is here, and it’s got my name written all over it.

A New Addition to the Web Site

Hello, folks and potential clients!

Just to let you know, I have finally uploaded my portfolio for all to see. Direct your eyes toward the header for the link entitled “My Professional Yet Powerful Portfolio.” There you will find the proof of my work displayed for you to see.

More to come soon: I hopefully plan to offer vlog posts about the internet copywriting you might need if you’re a certain kind of business, plus many other goodies or updates in the industry. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting.