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The Legal Industry Strikes Back

Do you love the Star Wars trilogies? I do. And, yes, even the prequels. Go ahead — hate on me.

But that’s not the purpose for this post. Oh, no, no, no. The copywriting is definitely progressing, as it should, in my office, as The Rainmaker Institute has just contracted with me to do some major work for major law firms all over the United States (in a galaxy far, far away).

The force is strong with this one.

A Little Something About the Importance of a Resume and Cover Letter: Vertical Media Solutions

I don’t think I have to tell you how crucial a good resume and cover letter is to a job candidate, especially in this competitive job market. Which is why I’m writing for Vertical Media Solutions, the leader in professional resume writing, cover letter writing, curriculum vitae writing and even social media platform generation in the state of Michigan.

Yes, chalk up something else I do professionally: resume writer. And I consider resume writing important to any job candidate in any field.

It’s the first thing CEOs, managers, owners and Presidents see when they’re considering a job opening — resumes. Which resumes stand out? The ones that stand out are the ones that get considered. Those are the ones that stand the best chance of landing the best jobs out there. They open the door to the corporate world.

You want to learn more? Want a free professional review of your current resume? Give Vertical Media Solutions a call at 616-631-4300.