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Why 3D Films Relate to Keyword Optimization (?)

Boy, did I just throw a major alien boomerang at your head with that one. This beats any kind of six degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon or any other obscure and related DNA connection between totally different objects, but that’s the joy of creative analysis and evaluation, isn’t it? Ah, yes, the things we love to do as creative writers.

Let me explain what I mean by this. Us writers will know what keyword optimization is: SEO. The idea of utilizing keywords within your pieces is second nature to the best of writers, but know this — it’s not simply about ‘stuffing’ the keywords in to ensure Google ranks you. These days, Google’s algorithm has gotten a little sharper than what we’d think, and they’re not dunderheads when it comes to spotting archaic and crappy pieces of work only designed to rank on the search pages.

The fact is this — fresh and unique content is king. Keywords seek to support that — and only that.

Where Do 3D Films Come in With This Unusual Metaphor?

It’s simple. Allow me to paint the portrait for you: let’s take the film “Avatar,” for instance. Here we have a project with the genius James Cameron at the helm, pushing this spectacle of delight withAvatar one thing in mind: 3D. He filmed the entire movie with 3D in mind.

We’re typically used to many movies being shot in the traditional way. Then there’s something called “post-conversion” for 3D, just to get that heftier price tag in the theaters and up the profits some. That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s be realistic here. Some films just weren’t made for 3D. Even the ones chock full of action don’t necessarily translate well into 3D, for obvious reasons.

The point of a “3D post-conversion” is all about more revenue, that value-added service and extra bang for your buck. If it’s in 3D, it’s better. That’s not the case, though.

When a film like “Avatar” is specifically shot for 3D visuals, you’re looking at an optimized piece utilizing the technology to its fullest. And I dare anyone to contest that with me after watching “Avatar” and comparing it to any of those other post-3D conversion films where the 3D just doesn’t seem to, for lack of a better term, convert well at all.

Keyword Optimization Is a Lot Like That

“Keyword stuffing,” as it’s called, is a lot like that “3D post-conversion.” Amateur writers will write a piece and then try to ‘strategically’ place keywords ‘effectively’ all around the piece, ensuring that the article ranks well on the search engines. It won’t. Google’s algorithm will pick up on it.

Truly effective keyword optimization should happen naturally. It should flow. You honestly don’t even need that many keywords at all either. An even and strategic spread of those keywords, naturally implemented during the writing of the project, will offer the very best effect when it comes to SEO. All copywriters will worship that adage as if it were the wordsmith bible of the universe.

Now That We’re on the Subject, I Can’t Wait for “Avatar 2 and 3”

Get movin’, Cameron. I want to see some more blue aliens in 3D. And you better believe I’ll conjure my own naturally optimized pieces to market stories and reviews of the films to my heart’s content.

Moving on Up Professionally

Part of professionalism as a freelancer is having the ability to be flexible with payment from clients. Guess what: PayPal Here has got the goods on that!

For the first time, as a dedicated independent professional copywriter, I am now able to accept all credit card transactions. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, even American Express. I can even do the ‘swipe’ if the client’s face to face with me. Talk about convenience!

I think that’s a huge part of professionalism, by the way. When a client can get on the phone with me and purchase a project for me to develop by just giving me a few credit card numbers — that’s convenience and flexibility 101.

It’s key to landing the best clients, really.

The Quintessential Cuisine Copywriter

It’s no secret: I love food. I love all kinds of food. Get me happy enough, and I might try to be adventurous enough to eat some of the more, how do you say, ‘risky’ delicacies of the world that most people might retch over! Yes, I’m that adventurous.

For sure, if there’s one thing a copywriter needs to really experience is the ability to write about food!

I Digress, Though

The real reason for me writing this post, though, isn’t to necessarily make any monumental point leading toward enlightenment in the field of copywriting, sales writing, content writing, etc. etc..

I’m simply writing this, because it just so happens I was taking a break from my work at the office here in this business complex to peruse the halls, and I came across a hidden gem: GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

What’s awesome about this is the restaurant is based right in the same building. And it’s a tiny, quaint, atmospheric, yet family-driven and dynamic establishment serving quite honestly the best type of Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. Savory. Sweet. Easy. Simplistic, yet complex in design and beauty. In a nutshell (or chick pea, as that’s a common ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine), major, major, major thumbs up. I highly recommend GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

And just another reminder about how cool it is to have my own office here with a boatload of unique businesses in the building. Oh, look — there’s a salon here, too….