An Excellent Professional Portfolio

Here’s my internet copywriter portfolio for you to see!

Corporate Banners & Logos

Print/Email Newsletters

Trendy Butler Newsletter Vol. 1

Trendy Butler Newsletter Vol. 2

Trendy Butler Newsletter Vol. 3

Trendy Butler Newsletter Vol. 4

Trendy Butler Newsletter Vol. 5

Website Content, Blog Development & Front-End Design Links

Scary Horror Stuff

New York Wine Events

Halloo Communications

FAF Magazine Article

National Viral Article-1

National Viral Article-2

National Viral Article-3

Golden Gate Organics

The Trendy Butler’s Fitting Room

The Complete Real Estate Site

The Income Tax Planning Network

Nationwide Property Values

Online Income Seminars


Rent-to-Own Reviews

More College Options

Ultimate Identity Protection

Independent Credit Solutions

Promotional Video Creations

The 1st Time Home Buyer’s Program Intro Video

Real Time Credit Solutions Intro Video

The H.O.P.E. Program Intro Video

What Is the H.O.P.E. Program? Instructional Video

Social Media Page & Content Development

The HOPE Program Google+ Page

Published Links

Movoto Article on Southern Indiana

Movoto Article on Baton Rouge, LA

Movoto Article on Chicago, IL’s, Best Restaurants

Movoto Article on Shreveport, LA

Movoto Article on Georgia

Movoto Article on Indianapolis 

Movoto Article on Michigan

Contracted Projects in Draft Form

Evan’s Almighty Coins – FIC Network

How the Blockchain Can Change the Future of the Secondary Loan Market

What Are Smart Contracts and Why Are They Important in Cryptocurrency?

MOVE Guide for Expats – Jakarta, Indonesia

MOVE Guide for Expats – San Antonio, Texas

UpCounsel Article on Corporate Ethics

UpCounsel Article on Small Businesses and Attorneys

UpCounsel Article on Launching New Companies

C2Eventz Sales Brochure Copy

C2Eventz Website Copy

Personal Injury Web Site Content

Rainmaker Legal Articles

Sample Creative Resume Template – Dice Holdings, Inc.

Six Flags Coaster Description Copy

Pneumonia – Oregano Oil Piece

Soundzipper Sales Brochure

Old Fashion Candy Homepage Copy

Avanti Press Fridge Magnet Short-Form Copy

Stellar Interview Article

STA Press Release

The Wowzer PTC

Paying It Forward

MintPals E-Mail Letter

MintPals Sales Letter

Google Docs – Microsoft Office Premium Article

CIPD Annual Newsletter 2011

Freight Forwarders

SeatGeek Workbook – May 2

Isopower Promotion

Black Hills October

College Sexting Article 1

College Sexting Article 2

Quarterline Media 30-second Script

Fearless Presentations Sales Letter

Linkbait – The Golden Child

Deal’s Consulting Sales Letter (1)

MyNewPlace Workbook 8-22

Deal’s Consulting Sales Letter (2)

Bitten by Books Blog Post

Nuances of Dialogue

Diet Defense Sales Copy

Sales Letter – Leadership

Sales Letter – Negotiation Skills

Sales Letter – Teamwork

Halloo Blog Articles

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