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Even When You’re Down

The naysayers will always look down on you. That’s what they do. That’s all they do. They serve their purpose. Let them.

You, however — you accomplish so much more. You cease to waiver. You never back down. You focus among the pitfalls, miles and milesfailures and negative forces. You look beyond the indifference, judgment and cold shoulders. And you’ll always be right there, biting at the heels of injustice and transcending the status quo.

You are a true professional at your game. You are a good person. You deserve the best. And anyone else who believes differently? Well…. Let them. That’s all they do, and that’s all they’re good at. It’s a shame that it’s the only thing.

You, on the other hand — you’ll have miles and miles of good and great to discover. So keep working. It’ll only get better from here.

Bass Ackwards

You Don’t Need Courage to Overcome Your Fear.

You Overcome Fear, so You Can Attain Courage Forever.

Prolonging the Inevitable

The world has a funny way of only leading you in one direction, one path, one destination. Remember that.

Empty Road

Against All Odds

(This is a story about a man of God facing insurmountable opposition, in his own words….)

I see your plan. I understand it. You hate me. You fear me. You wish me dead even. When I breathe, it’s a cardinal sin to your world, and you want to see me burn. I don’t presume to know why you abhor me, or emit such animosity with fervor, particularly when your goals were not achieved, and you want to blame me for your shortcomings — and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less as to the why, the how, the what and the where. All I know is you’re coming at me with an armada of sinister deeds, looking to blitzkrieg me into oblivion and silence me of whatever passions I have in my life, because they somehow — in some weird, bizarre and incomprehensible way — directly contradict your way of life, your expectations and your beliefs.

Do what you must. I will not move. Your storm will not take me. It may tear away at my skin and force me to drop to my knees, but what you don’t seem to know is that I’m not alone. Out of all the wicked warriors you have in your wake, waving this demonic scepter as if you have some authority to dictate to me my identity, my way of life, the very fabric of my being, as horrifying as your tactics are, as vicious as you may be, I have the one secret weapon you will never have —

I have people who will stand by me.

They’ll stand by me, not out of fear, not out of association, not because you shell out some money their way to get them to stand by you in your fierce struggle for dominance and control — they stand by me out of faith.

You will not break me. You will try, but that faith I have in droves, faith that can move a million mountains and meteors to rupture a space-time continuum and modify the fates in ways that can only be comprehended by the most brilliant of quantum physicists and theorists of humanity, that faith will bring me back to my feet every single time, and I have the strength to move forward every single time even as you continue to batter me down.

I will not fail. I will push toward you. And my mere presence will be enough to force you down, slinking away like a serpent without skin, because all that pain and suffering, all your efforts, will rebound and annihilate you from every angle, and there will be nothing left of you but skin and bones.

Against all the odds…. I will succeed. You failed in your attempts. You will continue to fail in your attempts. In the end, the world will look down on you as a petty figure of immense superficiality and condescendence, nothing but the lowest dust of the earth conveying the image of power (which means nothing), and you will know justice. You will know fear. You will know pain. And the worst of it is this — you will undoubtedly bring all of it on yourself, fully responsible for the rest of your sick, sad, pathetic, miserable, little life.

Opportunity Doesn’t Just Knock. It Breaks Down the Door.

It’s an adventure, this career of freelance writing. There are pitfalls, twists, turns, loops, drops and dips galore, like a crazed roller coaster of doors getting knock after knock from this freakish beast called ‘Opportunity.’ Let me tell you something: I’ve learned a lesson that is absolutely monumental, and I’m fired up about it:

Opportunity shows up not necessarily by any particular effort on your own. Networking doesn’t do it either. Knowing the right people will only take you so far. I firmly believe that opportunity — true opportunity — will show up when you least expect it, and I know that’s a bit trite, untimely and rather random, and we don’t like to think of randomness in our world, but the fact is that’s one characteristic about our planet Earth and our human race sitting at the top of the list….breaking-and-enterning

We’re, above everything else, random. We’re chaotic. The world’s full of chaos, disorder, and a messy tapestry of ever-changing colors and designs, and we try to make all sense of it, but to no avail. I know that sounds rather pessimistic, but let me elaborate:

Our efforts matter. Our desires, our dreams, our drive, our will to succeed, they play an integral role. Don’t misunderstand me. After all, in order for this random beast of opportunity to break down a door, you have to hear a knock or two, don’t you? What I’ve learned is that all your work and toils will play a vital part, just not in the way we normally think. Our ultimate goal is that ‘happiness’ and the pursuit of it. The work we do, though? That applies to making sense of all that chaos, trying to find the rational path through all the muddy waters and finally achieving that happiness.

There’s true fulfillment right there. A little bit of faith, hope, perseverance, and unadulterated guts, and guess what: you’ve got someone fighting to find that path, not even realizing that yellow brick road’s there, and you’re walking on it just fine. That makes the final attainment so much sweeter….

Things are opening up. It’s getting pretty exciting. Like I said: the thrilling life of a true-blue, independent and influential writer of many trades of the world is more than enough to nourish all dreams. When you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your work, just remember: you are. You may not see it or even experience it, but trust me — you are.

The Invention of Golf According to Robin Williams

I’m sorry. This is so a must in my day to post. Yes, it’s verbally graphic, but it’s Williams, and if people don’t like it, they can fuck off (I mean that in the nicest possibly way).


Mrs. Doubtfire Will Never Be Extinguished

This is a flame that’ll live on forever. I guarantee it. With a man who can parade around with a bastion of funny, charm, wit, pizzazz, panache, patches, Adams, Morks, Mindys, and a Bicentennial Man to boot, you have to imagine that even after he’s gone, he never left us without Robin_Williamsleaving behind what dreams may come and some one-hour photos. Smoochy may have died, but Robin Williams certainly hasn’t in my heart. I won’t accept that.

The word “creative” and “writer” went together like bread and butter, like the man and Billy Crystal on many occasions. So crystal is the memory, magnificent is his comedic timing and air for the flair. He was our Teddy Roosevelt, our old dog, our Genie in a Bottle, our Wizard Wallace and Lovelace with the smooth debonair.

I say good will hunting to you, sir. Colleague. Inspiration. Wordsmith. Master. You won’t be forgotten, Jumanji. Rest well, and farewell. Nanu, nanu, forever.

Haters Keep on Hating

This has to be addressed, as I’m sure many professional writers out there with a byline have to endure a lot of the social media crazies of the world, spouting out their acid-flavored Kool-Aid with kookiness because they “don’t agree with what you’ve said” and blah, blah, blah —

Let me make it clear here: not everyone will agree with what you’ve written. Certainly not everyone agrees with what I’ve written in the past. Make no mistake about it. There is, however, one point to be made in my experience, is that the percentage of those people who will try to gulp down some gasoline and then urinate on a fire just to start something happens to be rather small, and many of those who read for the pure enjoyment and not for an opportunity to trash, jabber, and jeer for the sake of argument because they have nothing better to do but pick at the scabs on their foreheads to pop the pus out like mucus missiles, actually won’t have as much of a reason to make a comment except to absorb the material and move on. As a writer, there’s no way of knowing what goes on inside a reader’s mind except when that reader happens to be a psychotic literary lunatic with an axe to grind and one or two marbles short of the bag, because that reader stuck those couple marbles up the nostrils, so they could try to know what it’s like to be an Aston Martin with the headlights on.

So I just roll with all the social media comments. Those haters will stay haters. That’s fine. It’s a sad fact that no matter how much research you do (not in movies, and not on TV, or sitcoms), someone’s always going to snap at the slightest fact or opinion, just because it’s not theirs. So, writers everywhere, don’t sweat it.

Also, it’s funny that some people think they have the same name as me with their amusing social media posts. But personally, I think it’s a medical issue if they have an affinity toward eating feces. Just sayin’. I’d get that checked with the physician, pronto.

Have a nice day.

The Word “Actually”

I recently had the pleasure of someone suggesting that I learn what the word “actually” means. Okay.


—used to refer to what is true or real

—used to stress that a statement is true especially when it differs in some way from what might have been thought or expected

:  in act or in fact :  really <nominally but not actually independent — Karl Loewenstein> <won’t actually arrive for an hour>
:  in point of fact —used to suggest something unexpected<he could actually read the Greek>
Wow, sweet. I now actually feel enlightened by knowing this.

The Rise of Literary Commerce: Let’s Preserve Our “Shops Around the Corner”

I just had to follow up on the last post due to the meaning it has for me, and I can’t help but think about that classic romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (no, not Sleepless in Seattle, and, yes, I do watch romantic comedies from time to time). Which comedy? Oh, the one called You’ve Got Mail. A story about the rise of technology, commerce, and yet it doesn’t seem to bring us any closer than we used to in the past. Interesting film. Interesting story.

What’s even more interesting is the thematic initial plot runner at the beginning about an enormous mega-corporate commerce bookseller (aka Amazon or Barnes & Noble) pretty much taking over the literary scene against an ol’ faithful, tiny, family-oriented bookstore “The Shop Around the Corner”. It’s like David and Goliath — only Goliath wins. The bigger store prevails, providing cheaper books, better convenience, more selection.

Don’t Get Me Wrong — I Like Barnes & Noble….Image

I, myself, am a child of the literary pastime. I grew up with the books in the little mom-and-pop store, the scent of the rusty paper, like ancient libraries with their halls of wisdom and the quiet, pristine peace of a Fall or Spring morning with siblings, friends or mom and dad taking me to those tiny bookstores, so compact and personal, capable of perusing and finding one of those golden nuggets you’d never find in a massive outlet of buzz posters, aproned CSRs asking you if you need help, lines and lines of customers wanting to purchase their next Stephen King hardcovers, e-readers, Harry Potters and Twilights.

Back in the day, I thrilled at finding an ingenious piece of literary work never hailed as a bestseller. Never autographed. Author never interviewed. No movie adaptations. No dollar signs. Just a single piece of work designed to be in the hands of a tried and true reader wishing to engulf just one breath of the human experience, the resonation of a universe that can only be contained on paper with words from left to right. History made real, incarnate, immortal.

But I Loved Those “Shops Around the Corner”

I tell you: that’s where fantasy, adventure, horror, whimsy, comedy, romance, drama and sorrow were born. That’s how our books all began. It’s a sad state in the literary industry when those small stores close down for lack of willing readers.

I wish above all wishes that somehow we could preserve such hallmarks. I wouldn’t know how to do it. Like how museums and galleries can preserve such works of art like “Mona Lisa” or the works of my brother Paul Roustan, why can’t we preserve some of those ancient cultural hallmarks of childlike joy in the “shop around the corner”? A bookstore where it’s just more important to enjoy reading together, not for ourselves, not for commerce’s sake, not for fame, or glory, or getting on the NYT bestseller list?

I wish there could be someone who would give me ideas about how to do that…. Tell me…. What can we do to keep our literary pastime alive beyond that of a mega-bookstore aisle?