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Time For Ludicrous Speed

You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve been current on my technology, although I’ve been doing relatively well with it. But the fact is this:

Mobility means accelerated frequency.

I simply mean that the more you’re able to bring your content generators and word processors with you, the more often you can potentially update your blog or web site — and that’s very good for business as a professional writer.

In a nutshell, I’ll be able to post more content on here. Why? Because I now have the mobile ability to do so.

Yes indeedy, light speed is too slooowww.

(I did in fact write this post on my snazzy new smartphone. Fo sheezy, my neezy.)

Granting Favor to a Business: Vertical Media Solutions

Support is a beautiful thing, really. And many businesses really do need that, so this post is specifically about one: Vertical Media Solutions.

For many of my Facebookers out there and Tweeters, you may have already read about this, but I’m just writing about it on my site here to remind many of you of the fact that Vertical Media Solutions is up for a grant award.

We just need you. Yes, you, with the capability to press a few buttons, one in particular that says the word VOTE.

Vertical Media Solutions needs your votes to have a chance at this. I don’t know of any better small business out there benefiting the everyday American entrepreneur, professional, and prospective job candidate.

This is what the economy is made of: effort, quality and “quan.”

(For those who don’t know what a “quan” is, watch the film “Jerry McGuire.” Otherwise, it’s simply a word meaning “power”!)

A Little Something About the Importance of a Resume and Cover Letter: Vertical Media Solutions

I don’t think I have to tell you how crucial a good resume and cover letter is to a job candidate, especially in this competitive job market. Which is why I’m writing for Vertical Media Solutions, the leader in professional resume writing, cover letter writing, curriculum vitae writing and even social media platform generation in the state of Michigan.

Yes, chalk up something else I do professionally: resume writer. And I consider resume writing important to any job candidate in any field.

It’s the first thing CEOs, managers, owners and Presidents see when they’re considering a job opening — resumes. Which resumes stand out? The ones that stand out are the ones that get considered. Those are the ones that stand the best chance of landing the best jobs out there. They open the door to the corporate world.

You want to learn more? Want a free professional review of your current resume? Give Vertical Media Solutions a call at 616-631-4300.