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New Link to my Information: the Innovation of “WordFruit”

Hailing all freelancers and internet copywriters: think Ireland for a moment along with the subject of freelancing and such, and the topic of “WordFruit” might come up! It’s a recruitment agency, assisting clients in finding some of the best writers for your most important projects, and they’re based out of Ireland; make no mistake, though, as their market is international! We’re talkin’ big-time professionalism here, some of the best writers you’ll ever find.

Click on my link to see! Of course, if you’re a potential client and you happen to see my own site here, save yourself some money and contact me directly! I’m all about the saving the expenses. Really, it’s about the work, not the money.

The “Explosion”

Let me explain what that is. It’s not what you think. No, it’s not the TV dinner blasting inside your microwave, leaving a mess for you to clean. Nor is it a comet hitting the Empire State Building or Sears Tower. This is a different kind of explosion.

It’s the life of an internet copywriter/content writer/author. When things start to ‘explode,’ you know you’re getting the hits, making the mark, getting the rocket and going global and out into space (and cyberspace). The business is booming!

Get in on the action. Join me. You can bet I have the best out there, as I’m telling you the “explosion” is here, and it’s got my name written all over it.

A New Addition to the Web Site

Hello, folks and potential clients!

Just to let you know, I have finally uploaded my portfolio for all to see. Direct your eyes toward the header for the link entitled “My Professional Yet Powerful Portfolio.” There you will find the proof of my work displayed for you to see.

More to come soon: I hopefully plan to offer vlog posts about the internet copywriting you might need if you’re a certain kind of business, plus many other goodies or updates in the industry. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting.

Welcome to the new Roustan Copywriting! Written Your Way….

I got to tell you something: getting set up with sites and all that jazz takes WORK, and it’s especially WORK when you’re already WORKING on novels, content writing, articles, and all of that fun stuff. Not to mention I love to read.

The reward is there, though. I’m here. And my internet copywriting services are available! Stay tuned (or subscribed in this case) for more page additions, such as the development of my portfolio online (which that is also a huge undertaking to convert ALL my files onto the server). If you have any questions, just e-mail me at, and I’ll be pleased to contact you with your answers.