The Reason Why I’m
Your Internet Copywriter!
Dreams. Drive. And Desire.

We Relate More To The Man Or Woman
With Dreams, Drive and Desire.

You know what? You’re absolutely right—

It’s not about a resume, sales writing experience, skills, even that $50,000 piece of paper from (insert name of University) that says you’re qualified to work as a/an (insert name of profession). We don’t want to read the ‘proof’ that says you can do the job. We want to witness the truth that says you’re the one who can do the copywriting better than anyone else.

What we really look for is someone who’s honest. Someone who can rise to the challenge. Someone who can dare to be the best the world can expect.

Here’s my promise to you:


Here’s why:

Dreams Are The Most Important Aspect In Life

I’m not trying to sing a song to you or anything or be cliché, but I’ll be honest: I’m a dreamer.

I was the kid who lost his mind to flights of fancy and those amazing miracles in life that we strive to see with our own eyes. When reality would hit, I would hold those malleable paintings in my head….

Because that made reality livableWorthwhile.

Another Reason Why:

Live Without Fear, Or Don’t Live At All

Because I’m a dreamer, striving to achieve those dreams encouraged me to rise to every occasion no matter how improbable or unlikely it seemed. For me, failure was an option. In fact, it was a primary option. Because without failure, I couldn’t learn from mistakes.

So I promised: no credentials, no tooting horns about the kind of experience I may have. But for the sake of example, I’ll spill this out—

I am a published author. Not just a copywriter.

However, as you already know, I must stress that it has little comparison to copywriting. COMPLETELY different playing field. But here’s the point:

When you’re facing that dream, it’s blind darts and a board, and someone just spun you around a few dozen times; chances of you hitting the bull’s eye were virtually zilch. That’s the way the game is played.

But this goes back to the original point I’m making: we root and rave for the individual who came from nothing and then made something tremendous. It’s epicExtraordinary.

I hardly expected to go anywhere with novels or poetry. I just wanted to write. I knew it was going to be a longshot. But I KEPT TRYING. I held onto the dream even when people said “don’t bet on it” or “don’t bank on it” or “make sure you have a financial safety net to fall back on”.


Live Without Fear. Or Don’t Live At All.

And Yet Another Reason Why:


Circling back to the beginning: The Seed of Passion. In my case, the Written Word is my Seed of Passion!

Undoubtedly, whatever it is you do in life—painter, dancer, writer, lawyer, actor, marketing rep, bricklayer, butcher, bullfighter, don’t care

Love What You Do Every Single Second Of Your Day, Every Day, Every Month, Every Year. For The Rest Of Your Life.

I can’t even imagine how dead my life would be if I didn’t love my copywriting. If I simply went through the motions. Stuck to the status quo. No. That’s not for me.

More than anything, writing is my passion. Has been since I was able to write a short story, or a poem, or a thesis paper in college. Or a novel. Any kind of writing. Copywriting, for example.

It’s what I do. And also what I am. Undoubtedly, that’s how my life is complete. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


That sums all of that up. That’s why I’m your copywriter.

I do have the ad agency experience as well (but that doesn’t matter in the long run). I do have the “white paper” with the seal of approval that says I have the skills…. (ALSO doesn’t matter….)

But I don’t really need that.

All I need are the Dreams. The Drive. And the Desire to do something great. Something extraordinary.

I Am Your Copywriter. And I Will Deliver.

(P.S. I’m so confident in the opportunity that if any copywriting letter I write doesn’t WOW any client, I only simply ask this one thing: Do NOT Pay Me For It! My Internet Copywriting Services Will Be Free Of Charge! That’s my promise to you.

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