Opportunity Doesn’t Just Knock. It Breaks Down the Door.

It’s an adventure, this career of freelance writing. There are pitfalls, twists, turns, loops, drops and dips galore, like a crazed roller coaster of doors getting knock after knock from this freakish beast called ‘Opportunity.’ Let me tell you something: I’ve learned a lesson that is absolutely monumental, and I’m fired up about it:

Opportunity shows up not necessarily by any particular effort on your own. Networking doesn’t do it either. Knowing the right people will only take you so far. I firmly believe that opportunity — true opportunity — will show up when you least expect it, and I know that’s a bit trite, untimely and rather random, and we don’t like to think of randomness in our world, but the fact is that’s one characteristic about our planet Earth and our human race sitting at the top of the list….breaking-and-enterning

We’re, above everything else, random. We’re chaotic. The world’s full of chaos, disorder, and a messy tapestry of ever-changing colors and designs, and we try to make all sense of it, but to no avail. I know that sounds rather pessimistic, but let me elaborate:

Our efforts matter. Our desires, our dreams, our drive, our will to succeed, they play an integral role. Don’t misunderstand me. After all, in order for this random beast of opportunity to break down a door, you have to hear a knock or two, don’t you? What I’ve learned is that all your work and toils will play a vital part, just not in the way we normally think. Our ultimate goal is that ‘happiness’ and the pursuit of it. The work we do, though? That applies to making sense of all that chaos, trying to find the rational path through all the muddy waters and finally achieving that happiness.

There’s true fulfillment right there. A little bit of faith, hope, perseverance, and unadulterated guts, and guess what: you’ve got someone fighting to find that path, not even realizing that yellow brick road’s there, and you’re walking on it just fine. That makes the final attainment so much sweeter….

Things are opening up. It’s getting pretty exciting. Like I said: the thrilling life of a true-blue, independent and influential writer of many trades of the world is more than enough to nourish all dreams. When you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your work, just remember: you are. You may not see it or even experience it, but trust me — you are.


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