Mrs. Doubtfire Will Never Be Extinguished

This is a flame that’ll live on forever. I guarantee it. With a man who can parade around with a bastion of funny, charm, wit, pizzazz, panache, patches, Adams, Morks, Mindys, and a Bicentennial Man to boot, you have to imagine that even after he’s gone, he never left us without Robin_Williamsleaving behind what dreams may come and some one-hour photos. Smoochy may have died, but Robin Williams certainly hasn’t in my heart. I won’t accept that.

The word “creative” and “writer” went together like bread and butter, like the man and Billy Crystal on many occasions. So crystal is the memory, magnificent is his comedic timing and air for the flair. He was our Teddy Roosevelt, our old dog, our Genie in a Bottle, our Wizard Wallace and Lovelace with the smooth debonair.

I say good will hunting to you, sir. Colleague. Inspiration. Wordsmith. Master. You won’t be forgotten, Jumanji. Rest well, and farewell. Nanu, nanu, forever.


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