Haters Keep on Hating

This has to be addressed, as I’m sure many professional writers out there with a byline have to endure a lot of the social media crazies of the world, spouting out their acid-flavored Kool-Aid with kookiness because they “don’t agree with what you’ve said” and blah, blah, blah —

Let me make it clear here: not everyone will agree with what you’ve written. Certainly not everyone agrees with what I’ve written in the past. Make no mistake about it. There is, however, one point to be made in my experience, is that the percentage of those people who will try to gulp down some gasoline and then urinate on a fire just to start something happens to be rather small, and many of those who read for the pure enjoyment and not for an opportunity to trash, jabber, and jeer for the sake of argument because they have nothing better to do but pick at the scabs on their foreheads to pop the pus out like mucus missiles, actually won’t have as much of a reason to make a comment except to absorb the material and move on. As a writer, there’s no way of knowing what goes on inside a reader’s mind except when that reader happens to be a psychotic literary lunatic with an axe to grind and one or two marbles short of the bag, because that reader stuck those couple marbles up the nostrils, so they could try to know what it’s like to be an Aston Martin with the headlights on.

So I just roll with all the social media comments. Those haters will stay haters. That’s fine. It’s a sad fact that no matter how much research you do (not in movies, and not on TV, or sitcoms), someone’s always going to snap at the slightest fact or opinion, just because it’s not theirs. So, writers everywhere, don’t sweat it.

Also, it’s funny that some people think they have the same name as me with their amusing social media posts. But personally, I think it’s a medical issue if they have an affinity toward eating feces. Just sayin’. I’d get that checked with the physician, pronto.

Have a nice day.


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