The Quintessential Cuisine Copywriter

It’s no secret: I love food. I love all kinds of food. Get me happy enough, and I might try to be adventurous enough to eat some of the more, how do you say, ‘risky’ delicacies of the world that most people might retch over! Yes, I’m that adventurous.

For sure, if there’s one thing a copywriter needs to really experience is the ability to write about food!

I Digress, Though

The real reason for me writing this post, though, isn’t to necessarily make any monumental point leading toward enlightenment in the field of copywriting, sales writing, content writing, etc. etc..

I’m simply writing this, because it just so happens I was taking a break from my work at the office here in this business complex to peruse the halls, and I came across a hidden gem: GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

What’s awesome about this is the restaurant is based right in the same building. And it’s a tiny, quaint, atmospheric, yet family-driven and dynamic establishment serving quite honestly the best type of Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. Savory. Sweet. Easy. Simplistic, yet complex in design and beauty. In a nutshell (or chick pea, as that’s a common ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine), major, major, major thumbs up. I highly recommend GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine.

And just another reminder about how cool it is to have my own office here with a boatload of unique businesses in the building. Oh, look — there’s a salon here, too….


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