Granting Favor to a Business: Vertical Media Solutions

Support is a beautiful thing, really. And many businesses really do need that, so this post is specifically about one: Vertical Media Solutions.

For many of my Facebookers out there and Tweeters, you may have already read about this, but I’m just writing about it on my site here to remind many of you of the fact that Vertical Media Solutions is up for a grant award.

We just need you. Yes, you, with the capability to press a few buttons, one in particular that says the word VOTE.

Vertical Media Solutions needs your votes to have a chance at this. I don’t know of any better small business out there benefiting the everyday American entrepreneur, professional, and prospective job candidate.

This is what the economy is made of: effort, quality and “quan.”

(For those who don’t know what a “quan” is, watch the film “Jerry McGuire.” Otherwise, it’s simply a word meaning “power”!)

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