Thou Shalt Not Be Ashamed of Being a Freelance Writer

So, yes, it is now official — my job has ended. My income solely rests on freelance, clients, all that jazz. To continue the last post, it was something I was somewhat preparing for. And it has come to fruition.

Some, though, had assumed that it was already over. It was not…. But that’s beside the point.

Truth be known, if they hadn’t come to the decision of letting me go, eventually I was going to end the job myself. You know why?

Because I’m Not Ashamed of Being a Freelance Writer

It wasn’t because I didn’t like the job or thought I couldn’t handle it, though. Rather, when there are numerous necessities and priorities in life and no benefit to take work off without losing income, your general practical life, your home life, suffers.

Work isn’t everything. There’s family. There’s church. There’s sleep, for God’s sake. So while the job does give you that 401k and health benefits and a cushy salary, it doesn’t compare to being able to come home to the kids before they’re asleep.

I’m proud of what I do. All freelancers should be, too.

The fact is people lose their W-2 jobs all the time. It’s basically a fact of life, a fact of Corporate America. What never dies is that entrepreneurial drive, though. It continues on. And that’s something we can always fall back on.

Know that the loss of a job doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. Know that the loss of a job doesn’t mean you’re a bad spouse. Know that the loss of a job doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. And if anyone tries to insinuate that you’re any of those three or two of those three or all of those three, they can all shove it.

Because not only do we continue looking for the stable job out there, but we work on the side and build our repertoire, strengthen our portfolios, gain new experience, learn new skills, network, increase our range of growth and reach.

We do better than the average worker.

We’re not automatons in this digital world trying to find the ‘perfect’ corporate life until we run out of gas. We’re thinkers. We’re doers. We’re creative. We think outside the ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-demanding, colorful multidimensional box.

And we just make things happen.

That’s the essence of a freelancer. Don’t forget it.

To Those Looking for a Reason to Chastise….

Don’t bother. You’re wasting your time. Everyone wants to look at the ‘starving artist’ and say “oh, how admirable and talented” (but he or she doesn’t make a lick of money and therefore is a horrible waste of space).

If you’re too busy making such ‘comments,’ I’d say you’re not as genuinely happy as that ‘starving artist.’ Focus on yourself for a change. Your 401k misses you.

In the meantime, us freelancers are going to live the high life — without the 401k, without the benefits, without the personal/sick/holiday pay, without the office birthday cakes and cubicles, without the time sheets and water cooler conversations, without the lunch boxes and “power ties.”

Keep making ‘comments.’ It won’t matter. We’ll keep doing what we love. And in the end, we’re just going to be a whole lot happier. We already are.

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