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Some Things Happen For a Reason….

If you need to have a basic truth spelled out for you in story, this would be the story, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a testament to how random the world can be, how we can never expect what’s going to happen — no matter how well we plan things, or how well we think we can see into the future.

Life is one big box of surprises. And it’s Christmas every day. Unfortunately, though, not all the presents are what you want!

But tomorrow, I will have opened one of life’s big presents with a lot of pride and joy. But let me start from the beginning….

Life Sucks

That’s really what it boils down to. After doing some real good work for almost two years, you’d think that one prospective client or possible employer would take notice and reel you in right away. Not so.

About two months ago, I received notification from an employer — which I had been waiting for an answer for almost two months prior — that I didn’t get the job for which I had applied. Copywriter position. For a hefty amount of money. Benefits included.

Needless to say, I was downcast. All that waiting — only to get a phone call with a ‘NO’ answer. It’s like getting a punch in the gut, and you’re down for the count — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9….

But I got myself up anyway. Vision was a little hazy, and the ref held my gloves, asking me if I was okay to keep going. Like a champ, I nodded, blood squirting out of my nose, and my corner’s yelling at me to ‘not quit.’ ‘Cause Mickey loves ‘ya.

Oh, Mickey certainly loved me….

Eye of the Tiger

So the despair, the downcast? That translated to sheer determination, even indignation. I was outraged. I worked so hard for so long, and not one person would take the big bite out of my potential.

Because, you see, as much as I love freelancing, I don’t pay a whole lot of the bills, especially when supporting a family of five. I won’t deny it — I was the quintessential spitting image of the ‘starving writer.’ Pennies paid for the food on our table. So, naturally, every freelancer continues to look out for that ‘big opportunity’ — kind of like how the elves working at the shoe shop or the cookie factory wait for the big letter from Santa Claus to come and join him at the North Pole for a $150,000/year salary plus benefits and 401K. Those elves do well, don’t they?

So I had the eye of the tiger. I continued to train. I might have lost that first fight by decision, but I was going to come back swinging. And, boy, did I swing.

Ready for the Knockout Punch?

This past Monday I interviewed, casually — on Google Chat — for a company based out of Manhattan, New York. Now, of course, I immediately assumed this opportunity was going to strictly be on a freelance contractor basis.

Much to my surprise…. It wasn’t.

I start a new writing job tomorrow. Not as a freelancer. And the best part?

I can work from home. I don’t need to leave my family.

Some Things Do Happen. For a Reason.

That’s not even the clincher. Just thinking about the whole situation baffles me.

I can wait two or so months to hear about a highly lucrative job for which I interviewed, only to find that I’ve been rejected. And then I turn around later in life, interview for literally five minutes online, write a few test articles, and just a couple days later I land a job! And not a ‘minimum wage’ hourly pay deal. A high-paying job.

How does that happen like that? So randomly! Like there’s no plan.

But there has to be a plan. I just don’t know what it is. All I need to do is believe.

So, Friends, Here’s the Deal

If many of my clients are reading this thinking, “oh, noooooo, he will NEVER be able to do work with us now….” Fear not. The beauty of this new job, this new turning point in my writing career, is that Roustan Copywriting will continue. It will always continue.

This job is a telecommute. That’s the beauty of it. Apparently someone took notice and wanted to hire me immediately, no matter the cost. Even if I didn’t live in state. Company’s located in Manhattan. I’m in Grand Rapids. That’s quite a long drive to get to the office!

So my hours are still my hours. And there’s room for flexibility. But I will definitely need to announce, without a shadow of a doubt, that I currently can’t take on anymore clients at this time.

Hopefully in the next few days I don’t get any responses from other prospects, asking for some work to be done. I won’t know what to tell them, and I’ll immediately feel horrible having to say that I accepted a full-time writing position.

But I guess that’s the name of the game. Rocky’s ready for round 9, baby. Bring it.