SeatGeek: Looking for a Few Good Writers

For all you wonderful freelancers out there, lend me your ears! (They actually pull their ears off and throw them all to me…. Gross)

As I always like to do on the web site, while serving my internet copywriting career, I also serve the professional literary world, because it means so much to me. Naturally, we’re always on the lookout for work; why shouldn’t we? We’re the ones in charge of our own business, and work isn’t going to look for us.

This is why I’ve got the goods on a company hailing from New York, looking for a few good writers. The name is SeatGeek. It’s a ticket search site for all kinds of sports, so basically what you’d be doing is some sports writing. Simply click on the link listed on the name of the company “SeatGeek,” and it’ll catapult you to probably one of the hottest freelance jobs out there. Cheers.

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