What is Copywriting?

For posterity, I guess it would be prudent to explain some services businesses would need in the marketing of their products or services–such as ‘internet copywriting.’

No, it’s not the same thing as when you “copyright” something to protect the source. There’s no such thing as a “copyrighter.” The word actually doesn’t even exist. Copywriting is indeed something completely different.

Look at some of those billboards out on the highway. What do they say? Something like a Nike billboard that says “Just Do It” or a Lowes poster saying “Let’s Build Something Together.”

That’s copywriting.

Check your mail, and if you have a letter from a company trying to sell you knives, or health insurance, or direct sale foods, or even Girl Scout cookies. Read how the letter is written:

That’s copywriting.

It’s a type of letter–short form (like a billboard) or long form (like a piece of mail)–that is designed to communicate to you about something you might want to purchase–whether its a type of insurance, or a new revolutionary cutting board. It’s the lead to the actual selling of a product. It effectively removes the door-to-door salesperson. Copywriting is the efficient way to bring the product to the door without actually selling it!

The ultimate goal is the sale of the product, though; but truthfully, when it comes to copywriting, marketing is closely tied with it. It’s a long-term goal of communicating to the consumer base the need for said product and an eventual purchase of said product. All without actually selling the product!

Sounds like an oxymoron? You’re right. That’s the beauty of copywriting. And that’s what I do.

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One response to “What is Copywriting?

  • xerocounter

    Content copy-writing is a creative yet challenging task. The tone of writing must be professional yet friendly and the aim should be to target the right customers with the right message. It’s a sentence that can yield a “WOW!” or an “Ahhh!” impression from the audiences.

    Thanks for the post. It clarifies few issues pretty perfectly.

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